Terms of Use

I. General provisions

1.Using CrimeDistrict.com means registration through correct filling out of the registration form and reading and accepting Terms of Use and its conditions.

2. The owner reserves all right to the site and data stored on servers.

II. Terms of Use

1. Every logging into the site means accepting the current Terms of Use.

2. An user cannot be under the age of 18.

3. After discovering an error in any of the site features, a user is obliged to immediately report the error on the official forums. Intentional exploitation of such error to one's own benefit may result in a permanent ban.

4. You may not:
- buy credits in any other way than via http://crimedistrict.com/[..]/paypal.php
- use programs enabling automatic game
- post any messages that are violative of any laws, hateful, vulgar, or post advertisements and links to such content.
- performing activities that may disrupt operation of the site
- create an account with a vulgar username

5.The owner may block the account without previous notice, if the user breaks the provisions of Terms of Use. Such decision is final and the appeal is not possible.

6. In justified cases the owner has a right to block the account for other reasons than listed in Terms of Use.

7. Any damages for lost credits, duration of Premium features or user's accomplishments are not provided for in case of:
- shutting down the site
- a break in the running of the site
- errors occurring in the site
- third party actions
- deletion of an account that was not logged into for 30 consecutive days.
- blocking of an account for breaking the provisions of Terms of Use
- deletion of an account of the user's own free will

III. Other provisions

1. The owner takes no responsibility for any content posted by the users of the site.

2. The owner reserves rights to:
- modify the content of the site without informing its users
- change the provisions of Terms of Use without informing of the reasons
- delete an account that was not logged into for 30 consecutive days

3. By registering the user agrees to receive to their email address information on new features in the game. However, a user can later resign from receiving such content via a link placed at the bottom of the received message.

4. Any problems should be reported by email to biuro@enkelit.com.pl

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